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New Battery system "Evolution" installed. Next generation Hi Speed Re-chyage
System. Huge dinette section and comfortable wide rear bed and a wide bunk bed. The Evolution has a 6 people riding and 6 people sleeping capacity. and ample storage


May we introduce our newest motor-home: AUCKLAND
This is our biggest RV yet. It has a very comfortable and wide rear bed, sleeping 3 adults.
The dinette area seats up to 4 people and transforms to a bed for 2 adults.

The AUCKLAND has a riding capacity of 6 people and sleeps 5 adults. The dinette area is bright and cozy.

The rear section of the AUCKLAND is a dedicated sleeping area.
Under the bed is ample storage, accessible from inside and outside the AUCKLAND.

The kitchen is compact and practical with plenty of storage space.
Airconditioning, TV, sink, stove and fridge. Auckland has it all.


2 x 2 pp can sleep in dedicated areas.
"Dining area and sleeping area can be used independently.
This RV is suitable to seat 7 people while driving and it sleeps 6 comfortably. Bright and easy to use kitchen with sink, stove and fridge with full equipment. Spacious cool interior. It even has as a separate toilet space."


CREA is our biggest RV, it has a wide rear bed and a wide bunk bed. 7 pp while driving and sleeps 6 pp
7 people can seat comforatbly at the Dynet section.


Super power storage battery installed !! Even with the engine turned off, air conditioners can be used for up to 10 hours before having to recharge. You can comfortably stay in the camper even on hot summer days or cold weather in winter. The permanent bed is double bed size.
This RV is suitable to seat 7 people while driving and it sleeps 6 comfortably


pet friendly camper introduced! !
Small pets are OK on board of the CRESSON! ! It is possible to keep the indoor temperature constant for you and your pet. With the Super Power Storage Battery installed, up to 10 hours of the air conditioning can be used before recharge is needed. You can comfortably stay in the camper even on hot summer days or cold weather in winter.
This RV is suitable to seat 7 people while driving and it sleeps 6 comfortably.

Things to preparez

"Driver's License Requirements
All drivers are required to have a valid driver's license.
Valid one is as below:

1.Japanese Driver's License (DL) -- Driver's licenses issued by public safety commissions in Japan

2.International Driving Permit -- International driving permits issued by a certifying body in one of the signatory countries/territories of the Geneva Convention based on the format of the Geneva Convention

3. Authorized Japanese Translation for driver's license issued in: Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, and Monaco. We can help with obtaining this translation. Contact us for details.

All foreign issued DL drivers must present their DL, IDP and passport at time of pick-up. 2nd and 3rd driver at NO extra charge! But DL rules do apply. Read More"

Free rental equipment
  • Table chair SET
    Table chair SET
  • chair
  • portable stove (with 2 cylinders)
    portable stove (with 2 cylinders)
  •  fan
  • extension cord
    extension cord
  • LED lantern
    LED lantern
  • sleeping bag/sheets
    sleeping bag/sheets
  • Portable toilet
    Portable toilet

Please contact usby call or mail! !

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Any questions?

points about renting our campers

  • Please tell me the rental fee for the camper.
    From 14,000 yen for 12 hours on weekdays and Check it discount information. Please check on the price information in detail.
  • Contract in English?
    We have English spaeaking staff to help you
  • Can I cancel after reservation?
    Up to 14 days prior to the date of rental: No charge
    Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental: 50% of total rental fee
    Up to 1 day prior to the date of rental: 80% of total rental fee
    Date of rental: 100% of total rental fee
  • Is insurance attached?
    For personal damage : Unlimited
    For property damage : Unlimited (deductible: ¥100,000)
    Vehicle damage : Actual price of the repair or replacement (deductible: ¥100,000)
    Personal injury : ¥5,000,000 (per person)

    and Non Operation Charges.
    In case we need to repair the camper due to an accident, we will charge the below amount as a part of compensation for business, lost during the repair period, regardless of the degree of damage or the time required to repair.
    Vehicle driven back to the office ¥20,000
    Other cases (the vehicle cannot be driven) ¥50,000
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Payment by cash on Japaneseyen or credit card is possible. "VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Amex" can be used for credit card


Please use this form to contact us for reservations / inquiries.
Please input necessary items, please push "submit" button to send. We will contact you shortly.

About deposit
  • We will required the deposit at the time of application
  • Regarding reservation cancellation fee
  • Up to 14 days prior to the date of rental: No charge
    Up to 8 days prior to the date of rental::20% of total rental fee
    Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental: 50% of total rental fee
    Up to 1 day prior to the date of rental: 80% of total rental fee
    Date of rental: 100% of total rental fee
Booking information for each camper


marked with * are Required item.
Please be sure to check the agreement for car rental agreement and make your reservation. "Car Rental Agreement"

Reservation mail form

Your name*
your Email address*
your Email address*
(For confirmation)
Country (Address)*
Driver Licence Issued country*
Phone number*
(if you staying in japan)
Choose camper CREA  VOYAGE  CRESSON 
Kulos  Auckland  Evolution
Number of people (adult)
Number of people (children)
Option required Table Chair SET  Chair  Fan
extension cord  Sleeping bag 
portable gas stove (3 cylinders included) 
LED lantern  Portable toilet  Wifi 
cutlery and plate set ( it takes 500yen)

* some options can not be installed in the Cresson/Kulos

About pet ride Yes  No * Possible only cresson and auckland.
Types of pets
How did you hear from us?
Pick up date Year  Month  Day 
Pick up place
Return date Year  Month  Day 
Return place
Planned destination

* For oversized baggage we can arrange storage for a small fee.
Please contact the staff

customers voice

Welcome to Kyushu

Kyushu offers many historic treasures, modern cities and awesome natures

  • 香港より熊本阿蘇へ
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  • 博多港よりご出発  プサンから阿蘇 九重 高千穂へ
     韓国よりご家族で九州のご旅行へ 博多港へフェリーで来福!博... 続きを読む
  • Merci beaucoup.
     Merci Lefevre san Family http... 続きを読む

Lending and payment

You can pick up the camper at our office or at the airport.
At the same time, you have to show the International Drivers license, passport and pay the bond.(on paypal)

  • 【Payment method】
  • 【Credit card correspondence company】
    We accepted credit card: Master Card VISA Amex JCB DISCOVER UnionPay
    VISA Master Card JCB AmexB
  • 【points about renting our campers】
    Please be sure to bring your driver's license for all those who will be driving so we can check your driver's license.
at Fukuoka / Saga Airport
  • Payment with credit is available.
  • Extra 3.000yen for delivery fee
  • Paypal


Kyushu Rental Camper is convenient located in central Kyushu with easy express way connections to historical Nagasaki to the West, the hotsprings of Oita to the East, cultural Fukuoka to the North and Kyushu's beautiful nature in the South.
Our office is a mere 10 minute drive from expressway exit Miyama IC.

281-1 Shiratori Mitsuhashi-machi Yanagawa-shi Fukuoka JAPAN
TEL 0944-74-3777
FAX 0944-74-5511

arriving by car
  • If you arrive by car, take the Kyushu Miyama Yanagawa IC exit. Head for Yanagawa City, route 775.
  • Turn right at Mizumachi intersection, take Route 443.
  • Follow Route 443 for about 600 m, Kyushu Rental Camper is on your right hand side.