Plus point about the VOYAGE: with 4 people, the dining and sleeping area can stay separate.
The Voyage has a spacious interior and even has a separate toilet area. Bright and easy to use kitchen with sink, fridge and counter top.


Dynet expansion

The dining area seats 6 people.

Bunk Bed · Storage

A comfortable bunk-bed above the driver’s seat sleeps 2 adults.
The VOYAGE has plenty of storage lockers all around.

Kitchen and assist sheet

A practical kitchen with sink, fridge with an extendable counter-top

Bunk Bed

The spacious permanent sleeping area at the rear is equipped with reading lights.


  • 走行時:乗車定員7名
  • 就寝時:乗車定員6名


Rental Period Regular High
Weekday 12 hours 14,000yen 15,000yen
24 hours 19,000yen 21,000yen
Sundays, and
12 hours 19,000yen 21,000yen
24 hours 23,000yen 25,000yen
Night before pick up fee ( 18:00 departure) 8,000yen

All prices subject to TAX

■High season fee will be applicable for the below.
(a) April 25 – May 6 (b) July 13 – August 31 (c) December 23 – January 13


Car Air conditioner
3.0 Diesel turbo
AC 100V
DVD Navi & TV
Gas stove
Sink (20 L)
Bunk Bed
Back monitor
*studless Tires in winter


length 4,990 mm
width 2,070 mm
Height 2,910 mm
Diesel turbo 3000 cc
3 doors, floor AT